Letter to the Future ME

A Letter to the Future ME

Hey guys and welcome back! Everyone likes to think about their future ( Well I do sometimes ). So today I’m going to be writing a letter to my future self. So without any further ado lets get started…

A letter from January 13th, 2021
Dear future Me,

How's life?, Anyway life in 2021 isn't that great, I mean the COVID 19 pandemic is still going on. I don't know how would life be in 2025. But I know sooner or later it will end and we can finally breath in fresh air... So anyways life right now is boring cause we don't have anything to do. We are not able to see our friends because of the online classes. I actually can't believe that a 13 year old me is talking to a 18 year old me ( I guess). Gosh!.. I can't stop thinking on how I will be looking at 2025 or has my voice changed...or how are my studies... Oh my I am soo curious!!!. Anyways I hope your studies are going well and also don't forget about the two special people ( Gowri & Diya ). I really hope you guys are still friends.

Well it was nice talking to you. The last thing I want to say to you is that Don't give up on your dreams and keep chasing it. Be a good person and never give up.😊


So that’s it for today! I hope you liked my post. Till then Cheerio!!

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