#2 The First Rule of Punk

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

Jk Rowling

Hey guys and welcome back to another post!!. Today I’m going to do a review of a book which I had read last week and let me tell you this book is just AMAZING!. It is an really interesting book written by Celia C. Pérez.

Ok now about the book…

It is about a 12 year old girl named María Luisa, who prefers to be called Malú cause she gets annoyed by her original name! has to move from Gainesville, Florida, to Chicago. Her mom who is divorced from her dad, has a job at a college in Chicago.

Malú tries to persuade her mother to stay in Florida by making ‘ zines ‘ – an eight page booklet where she works through her ideas, but her mother doesn’t buy the excuse. The story begins by her first day at school where she inadvertently makes the Posada Middle School’s queen bee upset who starts calling her a weirdo and a coconut because of her punk rock look. Her dad, who lives away from her reminds her to be strong and reminds her the first rule of punk that is to be yourself.

With the advise of her dad she assembles a group of people who are like – minded like her and starts a band at school. Malú who loves punk music, finally begins to feel like home and tries to preserve this by standing up to an anti- punk school management to withstand for her right and be herself. In this book, Malú is a girl who loves punk music, skateboarding, zines and Soyrizo (Vegetarian Chorizo) oh! and don’t forget cilantros🤭!.

If you ask why I like this book, it is because it teaches us to be yourself and stand up for your right to express yourself and that everyone’s voice count. It is an interesting book and I really enjoyed reading it!. 👏👏**Applauses to the author for an amazing book!!**👏👏

But anyway I hope you like this post and do checkout this book ” The First Rule of Punk” – Celia C. Pérez. Till then Adios my friends!!

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