My Contest Picture😳

Hello beauties and beautifulls! (Sounds weird, but let’s just go with the flow😋) I have seen people do these kinda post, but they only share there picture and end it, but since I’m extra and high on boredom right now, why not just do a full post😏. (Ik Im genius 😌)

So this contest is held by Sawyer from Crafty Art Girl ( Do check out her blog, she has amazing art skills. It’s me guaranteed 😉) and let me tell you this is my first time joining a contest like this and I’m nervous. Weird?…😳. So if you ask how my drawing looks like my only words are…😬😬.

I tried making the drawing look decent, but it turned out somewhat more badass kinda ish!? If that makes sense… But anyway this is my first try

First try, tried drawing a bunny girl turned out into somethin uhmm😬
Second try, again decided to draw a bunny girl but looked weird and abnormal
Third try, finally (kinda) looks normal. Drew a badass cat girl!? . And gotta say I’m proud of the hair in this drawing it just looks awesome 😌😌.

and thats it for the post, I’m honestly not expecting to win this contest but we try 😌 ( Do I sound inspirational?…. Nah I don’t nvm🤦‍♀️). This was actually not supposed to be a full post, but who cares it’s just I’m high and extra😌( did I tell that before? Heheheee 🙃🙃), but anyway I hope you like this post, do vote who won in this contest in Sawyer’s blog Craft Art Girl !! Till then Adios my friendss😃😃

11 thoughts on “My Contest Picture😳

  1. pretty Good! I am sorry i didn’t tell you but when you make the picture post you have to send me link so I know. But I am so glad you entered! I think it looks great!

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