Relatable Situations ( are they?)😬+ ✨Memes✨

Hey guys🌺 and welcome back!!!!💃

How are you guys doing?😀

K this is getting awkward, I have a bad skill of writing intros😬, so let’s just start with what the post is gonna be about 😄

Today I’m gonna share some relatable situations that I guess are relatable with u guys🤔, well to know that write down in the comments which of these situations you guys have experienced!!.

I guess I have seen someone do this before on their blogs, but I don’t remember their name ( hehe!, sorry short memory). So without any further adieu lets go!!!!

📖Diary Writing – New Years Resolutions

Well most of you all would have written diaries before, well I certainly have and have never accomplished it🤦‍♀️. I always take a resolution of maintaining a diary.

It starts of for one or two weeks and the next time I write is next year (basically when I take a resolution again to maintain a diary😶). Ughh!! Why is it soo hard for me to maintain a diary!!😡

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🌊A Whole World Of Thoughts in the Shower!

Yes! I know it sounds weird, but I seriously get so many ideas and thoughts only while showering!🙃. Like seriously it’s just wonderful how these ideas just poop out of nowhere from my brain!!, But then here comes the worst part…. After I step out of my bathroom I just get brainwashed😶, it’s like suddenly I have become dumb. Like as if I washed my brain rather than my stinking self!!🙄

Is this even relatable or is it just me?? 😃

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🙃Smiling like a creep in front of the computer

*sigh*, what can I say I know I’m weird!!🙃. Seriously whenever I chat with my friends i try my level best to not laugh out loud and the outcome becomes into me smiling like a psycho creep infront of the computer and Gosh! The most embarrassing part is when my mom comes to check on me and sees me doing this and asks me if I’m feeling okay😳🤦‍♀️ ( Ahhhh I just wanna flush my head in the toilet!😬)

Well I know for this one I can relate with my friends😏

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🤤Getting hungry right after I sit for studying

Ok, so this happened recently to me, probably two weeks before( well since actually I had exams last week😬). Literally me seeing videos🎦 and reading blogs 👩‍💻on how they study for finals or how to get good marks for exams💯 and to be honest I did get inspired to study and get good marks, but I guess fate wanted me too just fail for my exam! 😌, I guess, cause the next minute I sit in my chair, I felt hungry.

And do I have to continue the rest cause I believe you all I know what happens next, well to be in short I just ate and watched TV almost the whole day ( Why almost?, Cause I was in my world of thoughts in the shower!!, and let me tell you I take a long time to bath, not JK- ing 😊)

St When Your Shower Is Too Hot and Thits Your Back | Meme on ME.ME
Ahh that’s literally me when that happens!!

😒When your sibling gets scolded and your mom mentions your name as well

Ok, Do I have to continue this??, like literally this happens most of time!!. I honestly don’t know how my name gets into the convo!. I remember when the innocent me was just sitting on the sofa and watching TV while my mom was scolding my sis and all of a sudden my mom offs the TV and starts shouting at me and my sis like…

I’m sorry I cant talk anymore about this cause I don’t think I will stop ranting 😶

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Every time when my parents go out lol😂
Oh My GODD!!😖
LOL yess always happening to me ( Its annoying af)
Ok, this is sooo relatable, but SHEESHH that pose of the baby lmaoo🤣🤣
AHH Aishhh this is soo true 🙄

So that was it for this post. I hope you like it and so till our next meet ( why I sound different ), Adios!!😄

14 thoughts on “Relatable Situations ( are they?)😬+ ✨Memes✨

  1. 😂😂the shower ones really relatable
    And when your mom is scolding your siblings and mentions your name as well😂😪.
    😂😂look how that poor guy’s sleeping😂😆


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