Travel with Me!!🚗

Note: I wrote this post on 21st July

Good Morning everyone ** not a happy tone**, so right now I’m really sleepy and I just wanna sleep but I cant sleep cause we gotta go and I’m currently trying to fit my damn comb inside the bag BUT MY FREAKIN COMB DOESNT WANNA FIT IN….😤

** current mood: DONT MESS WITH ME IN THE MORNING OR IMMA KIC– ** ( Edit: k I guess that’s enough!😬)**

Good Morning once again, yup I know your probably thinking what I was blabbering early in the morning lol so right now I’m currently sitting in my car cause guess what???…. 😆






AHHAA like literally after centuries I’m traveling!! YAYY!, So in todays post I’m taking you guys with me to this journey/ road trip etc etc.

And I’m soo happy that today is a holiday!! Yay, one day free from online classes😃

Anyways I woke up to see this beautiful scenery from my window!!

ahhh~ It looks soo pretty!!🤩

And now how in the world did I wake up at exact 8 AM?🤔

All thanks to my dad’s sudden break, nothing really happened I just banged my head on the door 😶and it wasn’t paining at all, it just felt like as if someone was stabbing my brain in a good way🙃 ( get it?, no… never mind, I didn’t get it either lol, was it because of the sudden break that I cant understand my joke???😮, ok wait… was that even a joke?🤨)

So right now we are in a place in Tamil Nadu, the name is just too big to tell… and I’m currently really hungry!!

Its weird cause usually I’m not that kind of person who get hungry in the morning! ( Ok the truth is that I hate eating breakfast!!, I know weird right??👀). Which meal of the day do you like eating?

FINALLYY we are gonna eat our breakfast!!. Like literally after ages of waiting we are gonna eat something!! ( Chill bruh! Its only been 30 minutes!).

~ After 15 min ~

( Edit: Sorry I didn’t take a picture inside the restaurant cause I don’t want people to look at me weirdly! and also my parents didn’t allow me so…)

Now that was filling!, We had the basic South Indian breakfast food, The ‘idli and chutney‘ for me, while my parents ate dosa and my sis vada!.

And now I’m currently waiting for my parents to come out from the bathroom, and since I’m completely jobless and standing outside my car and judging people’s choice of clothing ( I know!😏), Imma just take a random picture! cause why not?

a ‘random pic’ opposite to the restaurant

And now the Journey begins!, honestly I don’t know how many more hours I have to sit in the car doing absolutely nothing… But don’t these mountains from far look as if if its been drizzled with chocolate syrup?😋🍫 (Edit: Yup, I think that sudden break really did something!😵)

But ya for now I don’t know what to write cause like literally My mind is going blank!😶

~ Me just looking outside the window for 2 hours straight without doing anything and just hearing the FM which is speaking a language I don’t understand at all, yup Tamil!😌~

After 2 hrs I finally saw something interesting to show and maybe talk!!!, well we are now over a bridge where the Cauvery River flows!!😄

Wahh!! It looks so beautiful!!😍

And now again there’s nothing to talk about…👀

So lemme present you a collection of my Sista’s photography skills

~ After 30 minutes of me lying like a ✨dead body✨ in the car~

Now that was a good 30 minute nap without any banging head anywhere, Yay! 😀

Oh! and did I forget to mention that we already reached Kerala?, But we are not even close to our house so yay again!😀

And It’s raining sooo heavily right now like literally!!, you can seriously see nothing through the window!! Kudos to my dad👏🙌

But anyway right now I’m trying to journal! ( Yup, my first attempt!😚). I literally wrote three whole pages! ( Edit: Of absolute rubbish, what was I even thinking?🤦‍♀️) SHEESH, never expected that I had skill of journaling! ( Edit: Is it even a skill?🤔)

Lol, who in the world is Riley now?😶

~me just flexing my photography skills👇🤦‍♀️~

~After 15 min~

OH MY GOODDD!!!!!! I just got to know that my COUSINS were also gonna be there ( EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) IM SOO HAPPPYYYY!!!! 😆😱, But the fact that my online classes would still be going on…!!! ( Edit: k I guess I should stop depressing myself!💀).

WEEEEHHHHHH We are nearrrr, I’ve literally not seen them for a year!! -ahhh Imma just do my happy dance!💃💃

( Edit: And now here comes my reaction when I got to know that we still had to drive for 1 more hour to reach there💀)

After 15 minutes of me sulking, I started taking weird pics of my sis who is sleeping like pig and her mouth open like a fountain ( lol, disgusting🤢).

OK now we have almost reached our house😱, after ages of waiting…

This is the church near our house





After 8 hours of lying dead in the car and showing off my pro photography skills we have finally reached!!!. Now I just wanna go to bed and die…🥰

Nah! I’m going to play with my cousins!!. So anyways I hope you like my boring journey to Kerala post!, Till then Bye!!

**Now back to current time**

Not yet people, cause we have one more thing to discuss cause I don’t know how, when and where this happened but…😶

HOW IN THE WORLD THIS HAPPENED!!!! AHHHH THANK YOU ALLLL SOOO MUCH!!!😘😱🤩😆💖🦋🌆👑🖤, This is just too much to handle I’m sorry

16 thoughts on “Travel with Me!!🚗

  1. And I absolutely loved this post 💗!! I wish I could write in the car , but I absolutely cannot cause I might puke , and you journaled , BEAUTIFUL 🥲. Also loved all the photos and always taking bad photos of siblings is awesome , I mean you need to see my album , there is a whole another folder for my brothers bad pictures 😎.
    Congratulations once again byeee 😘


  2. And I absolutely loved this post 💗!! I wish I could write in the car , but I absolutely cannot cause I might puke , and you journaled , BEAUTIFUL 🥲. Also loved all the photos and always taking bad photos of siblings is awesome , I mean you need to see my album , there is a whole another folder for my brothers bad pictures 😎.

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