# 2 Assumptions About Me


How are you’ll??!!, SO welcome back to my blog!!!….🙃

( ok I suck at intros, so lets ditch it🙄)

For my 1st blogiversary I had asked for some assumptions about me and today we are gonna be answering them!!!😃

But before that I wanna thank all of you for giving your assumptions!!🤗, If you guys still haven’t given your assumptions you can write it down in the comments and I’ll surely answer them in my upcoming posts!!😉, ( SO YOU BETTER GIVE ME SOME, jk lol)

Ok NOW lets get on with it!!!!😁

~ Flora

– You love reading

Yess, I love reading but I have no idea on which book to read, but I have a book in my mind and I’ll start it by today evening!!! ( Hopefully..😬)

– You love writing

Not so much cause literally after writing my notes I barely can feel my hand, so a NO!😶

You love blogging

Yess!! I love Blogging!!!💖🥰


You have curly hair?

Yess I do that’s why my blogs name itself is Curly Thoughts by Merlyn!!!😉✨

 – You like pink?

Ok I actually am not a pink fan ( even though my blog kinda is 🙃 ), my favourite colour is purple💜 and black🖤

You have pet dog?

I guess I just have to keep dreaming for that to happen…👀

– Aaaaand you love bitmoji!!

Now lets spill some tea!! 💃☕

So I actually used to be soooo obsessed on using Bitmoji like seriously!!, every time I chat with someone instead of using emojis I used to use Bitmojies, but yes I do like them.

Livin' the Bitmoji Life
lol Idk why but I just had to put this🤣

~ Mara

-You like bright colours

Yess I love them!!, I do like pastel colours as well, but when I say bright colours I don’t mean those colours which literally feels as if your piercing your eyes with a knife😶🔪, seriously there are colours which are soo intense that can literally make you blind!!👀

You love blogging since you put many images and memes in your post

Lol yes ( thanks for the compliment!😊) I love blogging!!💖

~ Heidi

– You have dyed your hair before.

Nope I haven’t dyed my hair in my ENTIRE life!, Literally If my mom sees it then she would turn me into a keema dosa 😬 ( it’s a food)

– You have moved twice in your lifetime

Uhm actually its…

5 TIMES!! 😶😮👀

– You prefer the beach over the lake.

Yup! to be honest when I read this question I actually preferred the lake but right now I think I do actually prefer the beach!!

( Ok! Let’s go to the next assumption before I change my preference for this topic, cause I have a feeling I prefer both!🙃)

 – You like to bake.

Ok, I don’t usually bake, but I like baking!!.

The only reason I don’t bake is because my mom doesn’t allows me, like literally she gives me a whole lecture theory on how I’m gonna be messing the kitchen rather than baking🙄 (It is kinda true though..), so to conclude I’m never allowed to bake anything in the kitchen, or else the next thing you see is my head served on the dining plate👀🔪

– You love to journal

Yess I recently started it and I really enjoy doing it!!!🤩

And those were it for the assumptions, I wanna thank Flora, Selina, Mara and Heidi for the assumptions, I really enjoyed answering them!!!

If you guys I wanna give your assumptions, do give it in the comments, I would be soo happy to answer them in my next posts!!.

So that was it for this post, till we meet again Sayonara!!

loggin off

43 thoughts on “# 2 Assumptions About Me

  1. I loved hearing your answers to my questions and everyone else’s!
    This is totally fine and don’t feel bad, but my name doesn’t have the L in it. Just Heidi.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my sweetie, how sweet and lovely..! I too love reading book..! Such a relatable answers my dear merlyn..! Whenever I saw your post my eyes will become like this”😍”..! You’re a sweetheart..! Oh my dear, High five 🙌..! I too love purple and black very much..!💜🖤 I too love bright colours dear..!
    I have some assumptions for you my SWEETIE:
    1. Recently did you skip bathing? (Lol, if this is weird sorry my dear)
    2. What is your favourite dress?
    3. You like to sleep alone or with your mom?
    4. An unforgettable moment that happened in this year?
    5. How you will maintain your curly and lovely hair?
    That’s all my sweetie..! Hope you loved my questions..! Keep shinning..!🤗🤗🤗💖💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sooo much, Your comments are always really sweet!!🥰😘 and thank you so much for your assumptions I’ll surely answer them!!!😚😙🙌💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wowww!! My sweetie, you’re always a sweet candy..! Waiting my dear..! You’re very welcome..! And its so marvellous to hear from you..!🤗🤗🤗😘💕💕💖💖


    1. Hehe so true!, But I surprisingly like my blog this colour and every time I try changing my colour I always come back to pink even though I don’t actually fancy it ( No clue why😶!)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha…moms are so worried about us kids cooking. They do have a point, lol.
    5 times? That’s a lot of places, must’ve seen it all.
    Great post Gal!


  4. Well, I just found you blog! My assumptions ~
    1. You love designing stuff?
    2. You like getting followers?
    3. You have ate something today?
    Omg, the 3rd one is soooo weird.
    Anyways, those are my assumptions. Found your blog sometime ago, I really love the design of your blog I’ll love to know you more and read more of your posts!
    PS – This is the FIRST time I’ve participated in an assumptions post!! Woo-hoo! Enjoy blogging Merlyn!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the assumptions!!, I really love your blue aesthetic blog as well, It looks sooo pretty😍🤩✨✨👌!!.
      Yay! Then Im surely gonna answer them!!!😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi there! I am new to your blog but I just wanted to say that this was a great post and you seem like you are really funny! I love your energy!

    Liked by 1 person

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