• The author of the blog doesn’t support SWEARING or any other bad things written on her comments

  • The author sometimes might be high on something, so please bare with her

  • This blog contains total weird and absolute nonsense beautiful post ( I promise Im not sarcastic about this or am I?🙃 )

Wait are you still here??… Did u guys read the warning sign?? I mean if you still wanna read this……

Ok now the real introduction, *ahem* * ahem*

** clears throat **

Welcome to Curly Thoughts by Merlyn

Hi, my name is Merlyn, a 13 year old weird girl who loves blogging, reading books, drawing and also travelling ( even though I don’t travel often lol )
And yes, I am the author of this awesome blog ( sarcasm 100%). Uhh ya… Idk what else to write about me, well I’m an awesome, intelligent, beautiful, smart, amazin- ( ok, maybe I should not hehe). Oh btw do you like this picture?, It’s taken by me ( hehe I know I’m a professional photographer🙃 )

Latest from the Blog

# 2 Assumptions About Me

How are you’ll??!!, SO welcome back to my blog!!!….🙃 ( ok I suck at intros, so lets ditch it🙄) For my 1st blogiversary I had asked for some assumptions about me and today we are gonna be answering them!!!😃 But before that I wanna thank all of you for giving your assumptions!!🤗, If you guys … Continue reading # 2 Assumptions About Me

Travel with Me!!🚗

Note: I wrote this post on 21st July Good Morning everyone ** not a happy tone**, so right now I’m really sleepy and I just wanna sleep but I cant sleep cause we gotta go and I’m currently trying to fit my damn comb inside the bag BUT MY FREAKIN COMB DOESNT WANNA FIT IN….😤 … Continue reading Travel with Me!!🚗

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